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Nominees for the 2016 Bram Stoker Awards® Superior Achievement in a Poetry Collection

Congratulations to everyone nominated for the 2016 Bram Stoker Awards®!

Most especially, congratulations to the five nominated poetry collections for the 2016 Bram Stoker Awards®!!!!

Superior Achievement in a Poetry Collection:

Boston, Bruce and Manzetti, Alessandro – Sacrificial Nights (Kipple Officina Libraria)
Collings, Michael R. – Corona Obscura: Poems Dark and Elemental (self-published)
Gailey, Jeannine Hall – Field Guide to the End of the World: Poems (Moon City Press)
Simon, Marge. – Small Spirits (Midnight Town Media)
Wytovich, Stephanie M. – Brothel (Raw Dog Screaming Press)

To help celebrate and to promote these poets and to provide a larger …

The Poets on the 2016 Bram Stoker Awards® Preliminary Ballot

Congratulations to everyone on the 2016 Bram Stoker Awards® Preliminary Ballot!

Most especially, congratulations to the poets on the 2016 Bram Stoker Awards® Preliminary Ballot!!!

Superior Achievement in a Poetry Collection:

  • Betts, Matt – Underwater Fistfight (Raw Dog Screaming Press)
  • Boston, Bruce and Manzetti, Alessandro – Sacrificial Nights (Kipple Officina Libraria)
  • Collings, Michael R. – Corona Obscura: Poems Dark and Elemental (self-published)
  • Cowen, David E. – The Seven Yards of Sorrow (Weasel Press)
  • DiLouie, Craig and Moon, Jonathan – Children of God: Poems, Dreams, and Nightmares from the Family of God Cult (ZING Communications, Inc., Jonathan Moon.)
  • Gailey, Jeannine

An Interview with Vincenzo Bilof

From Detroit, Michigan, Vincenzo Bilof has been called “The Metallica of Poetry” and “The Shakespeare of Gore.” With a body of work that includes gritty, apocalyptic horror (The Zombie Ascension Series), surrealist prose (The Horror Show), and visceral genre satire (Vampire Strippers from Saturn), Bilof’s fiction remains as divisive and controversial as it is original. He likes to think Ezra Pound, T.S. Eliot, and Charles Baudelaire would be proud of his work. More likely, Ed Wood would have been his biggest fan.


HWA: Where did the concept/inspiration for ‘Visions of a Tremulous Man’ originate?

VB: No matter how I answer …

Horror Writers Association Poetry Page Holiday Shopping Guide 2016

This year has seen a number of excellent poetry collections released by HWA members. To help those wondering what to buy for gift giving, the HWA Poetry Page is please to share a handy shopping guide with you.

To start, 2016 saw the release of the third volume of the HWA Poetry Showcase. Edited by David E. Cowen (more on him later), the third volume is the first to be available as an electronic chapbook and also in paperback!



Volume I and Volume II also make great holiday gifts!!





David E. Cowen released The Seven Yards

Interview with Cynthia (Cina) Pelayo

Cynthia (Cina) Pelayo is an International Latino Book Award winner. She is the author of Loteria, Santa Muerte, and The Missing and holds a Master of Fine Arts from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She lives in Chicago with her husband and son.


With the publication of her new collection, POEMS OF MY NIGHT, Cynthia Pelayo constructs a narrative in her poetry in response to the work of Jorge Luis Borges that examines the themes and subsequent consequences of insomnia, death, and blindness.


To help celebrate the release of this fascinating collection, the HWA Poetry Page is …

Interview with Matt Betts

Matt Betts is a pop culture junkie-sometimes to levels that are considered unhealthy by the Surgeon General. He grew up on a steady diet of giant monsters, comic books, robots and horror novels, all of which creep into his own work. Matt’s speculative poetry and short fiction have appeared in a number of anthologies and journals. His poem “Godzilla’s Better Half” was nominated for a Rhysling Award for speculative poetry in 2010. Matt’s first novel, the steampunk/zombie/alternate history adventure Odd Men Out was a finalist for the Eric Hoffer Award for excellence in independent publishing. Matt is a former radio …

HWA Poetry Showcase: An Interview With The Judges

At 9:59 AM on February 11, 2014 I wrote an email to Rocky Wood (then President of the Horror Writers Association), Lisa Morton (then Vice-President), and Board Member Marge Simon. For purposes of historical accuracy, here is the email in its entirety:

I was trying to think of something that the Poetry Page could do for future months and, in speaking with Marge who suggested tying one thought into National Poetry Month in April, I had an idea I was hoping to get board approval for.

I was wondering if we could do an HWA Poetry Page poetry contest for

Interview with Bram Stoker Award® Winning Author Alessandro Manzetti and Editor Jodi Renée Lester

Bram Stoker Award® Winning Author Alessandro Manzetti’s work has been published extensively in Italian, including novels, short and long fiction, poetry, essays, and collections. English publications include his collections ‘The Monster, the Bad and the Ugly’ (co-written by Paolo Di Orazio),’The Massacre of the Mermaids’, ‘The Shaman and Other Shadows’, ‘Dark Gates’ (co-written by Paolo Di Orazio), ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ (co-written by Stefano Fantelli), and the poetry collections ‘Eden Underground’, ‘Venus Intervention’ and ‘Sacrificial Nights’ (co-written with Bruce Boston). His stories and poems have appeared in Italian, USA and UK magazines and anthologies, such as Dark Moon Digest, The Horror Zine, …

HWA Horror Poetry Showcase III: Featured Poets

For the first time the HWA Horror Poetry Showcase was reserved strictly for members. Despite some nervousness that a more limited field would yield limited results, there was a tremendous breadth of themes and styles. The poems detail horrors on a scale from the cataclysmic down to the ordinary turned malicious and twisted. While honored that many of the great poets of the genre submitted entries, I am equally proud of those entries from authors who had never previously published a single poem.

I want to thank jury members Stephanie Wytovich and John Palisano for the joy and energy they …

Call for Submissions for the HWA’s Horror Poetry Showcase Volume 3

For National Poetry Month 2016, the HWA Poetry Page features an article by David E. Cowen, one of the judges for the Third Annual HWA Poetry Showcase and the Editor of the HWA’s Horror Poetry Showcase Volume 3!

Quick link:

The 2016 Showcase is open to HWA members only, and limited to one submission per member.

Submission guidelines and links to the HWA’s Submittable page can be found at https://horrorwritersassociation.submittable.com/submit/86302687-9b34-4149-8719-8020963ba374


In 1721 Thomas Parnell ushered in the era of the “Graveyard Poets” also known as the “Bone Yard Boys” with his poem A Night-Piece on Death, mesmerizing English …

Spotlight on the 2015 Bram Stoker Poetry Nominees

Spotlight on the 2015 Bram Stoker Poetry Nominees

The 2015 Bram Stoker nominations have been announced, which means the Annual HWA Poetry Page spotlight on the poetry nominees:

Superior Achievement in a Poetry Collection

I’ve asked each poet to share their favorite poem from their nominated work, so, without further ado (in alphabetical order):

Bruce Boston – Resonance Dark and Light (Eldritch Press):



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