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CARNAGE ROAD by HWA Member Gregory Lamberson


Boone and Walker, the last surviving members of the Floating Dragons motorcycle gang, set out to “re-discover America” during the zombie apocalypse. Their odyssey takes them from Buffalo to Ohio, Kansas, Hollywood and Texas. Along the way, they discover that their fellow survivors pose an even greater threat than the undead.

Jack Kerouac, Roger Zelazny and Cormac McCarthy have a new traveling companion. With Carnage Road, Greg Lamberson has taken his unique talent on a savage apocalyptic road trip tailor-made for the zombie generation. This book is dark gold, and demonstrates once again why readers who like their horror shot through with rock-n-roll and smart social commentary hold Greg Lamberson in such high regard. — Joe McKinney, Author of Dead City and Flesh Eaters

Carnage Road is an action-fueled thrill ride of a road story, merging bleak humor, insightful political comment, and raw pathos in a gritty tale of survival in a world gone mad. This is Lamberson at his very best! –Michael Kelly, Editor of Shadows & Tall Trees, and author of Undertow & Other Laments.

Publisher: Creeping Hemlock Press
Release Date: April 3, 2012
ISBN 13: 978-0-9847394-3-1

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