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Darren Shan Interviewed by Dave Jeffery

Darren Shan Interviewed by Dave Jeffery

Scary Out There with Sarah Rees Brennan

Scary Out There with Sarah Rees Brennan

Depictions of Mental Health in Fiction by Edward P. Cardillo

Depictions of Mental Health in Fiction by Edward P. Cardillo


Recent Posts

Moanaria’s Fright Club Launch

In 2017, Moaner T. Lawrence, former Assistant Editor at Pseudopod, proposed an online writing group for horror writers to the HWA. To date, the workshop’s thirty members, nicknamed Fright Club, continue to produce work and have had eighteen publications. Immense demand for the workshop has necessitated that Moaner re-organize into a private company, Moanaria.

Moanaria’s Fright Club is now open to applications from the general public.

Public applications cost $300 plus a $20 deposit to ensure that members complete their work on time.

HWA members will pay $85 plus a $20 deposit.

Visit Moanaria’s here to learn more about the …

The Seers’ Table January 2020

The Seers Table

The Seers Table

Kate Maruyama, Member of the Diverse Works Inclusion Community

I have a number of friends who give themselves reading challenges every year. One friend decided she would read at least 52 books in a year. When the next year came along she added ten more. Another, Alexander Chee, realized he had read mostly men in the past year, so he dedicated the year to reading women. He wrote about it here. Another still said he would only read writers of color. What will you do in your new year?


The Seers’ Table – December 2019

The Seers Table!

The Seers Table

Linda D. Addison, Member of the Diverse Works Inclusion Community

December contains National Cocoa Day. Curl up with a cup and discover the following authors!


Linda D. Addison introduces:

Maxwell I. Gold is an emerging author of weird fiction and dark fantasy, writing short stories and prose that primarily center around his cosmic and profane Cyber Gods Mythos. His works have been accepted into various publications including the prestigious literary journal for weird poetry Spectral Realms, The Audient Void: A Journal for Weird Fiction and Dark Fantasy, Weirdbook Magazine

A Portrait of the Halloween Expert as a Young Woman By Lisa Morton


Happy Halloween! Today’s Best Of Halloween Haunts was originally published last year…..

When my father passed away in 2015, I received an unexpected and lovely inheritance: thousands of color slides, many of which featured me as a baby, a toddler, and a child. One of the reasons this was remarkable was because I really thought there weren’t many photos around of me as a kid. My mom only had a handful, and for some reason – even though I remained close to my dad after my parents split up – I hadn’t realized he had so many photos.

I …

“Why Do We Love Halloween?” By JG Faherty


Welcome back to Halloween Haunt’s! Today’s Best Of was originally published in 2017….

As a horror writer, it’s kind of expected of me that I’ll be enamored of the Halloween season. And it’s no secret that I am! But I loved Halloween long before I became a writer. Even as a little kid I looked forward to Halloween as much as I did Christmas.

The question is, why?

For a child, the reasons are pretty easy to figure out. Lots of candy. Lots and lots of candy! The chance to dress up in a costume and run around the …



By David E. Cowen, Bram Stoker Nominated Author of Bleeding Saffron

If you are thinking of what to read this Halloween, consider unwrapping a richly sweet volume of dark verse. Dark and speculative poetry has been flourishing over the past few years and 2019 is nothing different. If you need a guide to appreciating dark verse take a look at these books currently on the Bram Stoker reading list as a starting point. These are presented in no particular order with no endorsement other than to READ

68 Years of Halloween by Steve Rasnic Tem


From last year’s Halloween Haunts, here is today’s Best Of….

I believe I was seven years old the first time I went trick-or-treating. Before that I wasn’t much aware of the holiday, and I certainly didn’t connect it with anything scary. I remember kids coming to the door in costume and getting candy—not too many because we lived in a very small Appalachian town. I was in my PJs, peeking out of the bedroom I shared with my two younger brothers. But that’s what I did when anyone came to the door—I was a painfully shy kid, and outside …

StokerCon Anti-Harassment Policy

The Horror Writers Association and StokerCon are dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age or religion. We do not tolerate harassment of convention attendees in any form. Attendees violating these rules may be sanctioned or expelled from the convention without a refund at the discretion of the chairs.

Reporting Harassment

As evidenced by our anti-harassment policy, we at StokerCon take any type of harassment at conventions seriously. To that end, we would like to announce the process for reporting harassment.

All of the …

“How We Made a Monster (and scared the bejeebers out of an entire high school)!” By Lloyd F. Ritchey


Today’s Best Of Halloween Haunts was originally published in 2017….

We watched with glee as a man scooped up a little girl and bolted for the door. The kid was kicking and screaming with fright. “Ah,” I thought. “Another successful show!”

I was a high school junior, and my esteemed institution was holding a Halloween-themed open house. The classrooms were crammed with the usual flaccid haunted house stuff: “Come inside kiddies, feel the witch’s guts.” (Bowl of cold spaghetti). Her eyeballs—hard-boiled eggs. Yawn.

My friends, Warren and Pete, and I had presented the school fathers with a proposal: we …

Which Witching of Which Witches? by Nancy Kilpatrick

From 2015, here is today’s Halloween Haunts’ Best Of….

WheKilpatrick_1374590n I was seven years old, I saw a witch. I mean a real witch, not one of the politically-correct Wiccans we have now, or the evil glam witches Hollywood offers up, or the (mainly poor, old, single-by-choice, physically impaired, deranged or feisty) women of history who were burned at the stake because they were outside the collective in some way. No, this was a real witch, not pretty, not pleasant, not a herbalist in a conical hat, and she appeared on Halloween!

Halloween was always a fun time for …

Interview Spotlight: Robert Payne Cabeen


Today’s Halloween Haunts was originally published last year…

Happy Friday All! Today marks the last interview spotlight as Halloween Haunts welcomes writer, artist and poet Robert Payne Cabeen. At Stokercon this past spring, Robert was the recipient of the Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in a First Novel for Cold Cuts (2017, Omnium Gatherum Media).

Halloween Haunts:  Welcome Robert! You have worn a number of career hats over the years, having become an accomplished artist, poet and writer. Of the three, which came first for you?  

Robert Payne Cabeen:  Thanks for including me in Halloween Haunts, Michele. I’d …

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